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microsoft namings. [Jul. 12th, 2006|12:24 am]
[update: microsoft is now using a pedophilic/homo-erotic animation as a zune teaser]

ladies and gentlemen, prepare for microsoft's "Ipod killer fucker". which they intend to call:

for full effect please write said name in hebrew:

ן ו י ז

נו.. אז מי פה רוצה זיון?

for those who are not hebrew readers - microsoft is, basiclly, calling their new digital audio player "Fuck", or at least something the spells "f u c k" - when written - in hebrew.

so if one-care wasn't enough, just think about how this product will fly off the shelves in Israel. I can't wait for the press reviews!

I just know some anonymous person will write that it's 'זון' not 'זיון' - but that person would be wrong.
'zune' is NOT 'zoon', in the same way that 'mule' is NOT 'mool'. the differance that 'e' makes translates to a 'י' in hebrew.

זה יהיה כל כך כיף!

אני מחכה ליום שבוא אלך לבאג, ואשאל את המוכרת כמה עולה זיון.

וצפוי שאפנה לתמיכה טכנית עכב בעיות עם הזיון - זה מוצר של מיקרוסופט.

אני לא יכול לחכות!

רק תזהרו מלהוריד חומר פיראטי לזיון פן אקו"ם יזינו אותכם. המזדיינים.

here is a translation of the hebrew bits in this post:

"do you want a fuck?"

this is going to be so much fun, I can't wait to go to a gadget store and ask the girl at the counter "how much does it cost to get a 'fuck' here?". or calling techsupport complaining about problems when listening to the 'fuck' - which, as this is a first generation MS product you will have for sure.

just be carefull not to load pirated songs into your fuck as the RIAA will fuck you. the fuckers.

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