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revenge will be mine. [Sep. 4th, 2007|12:38 pm]
herenot: yo.

adistav: hey

herenot: how was the cultura eve?

adistav: very nice. people like it, especially the non-technical people (which was the idea)

herenot: cool. am I right in assuming that moshe will be the next one?

adistav: yes. on a subject closer to you

herenot: yah, I read as much on his blog. you know what that means?

adistav: what?

herenot: I will have to kill both of you when I come back. I could accept one of you giving a talk in my absence about a subject I'm interested in. but not two. ok. that's it, need to find new friends when I return. (that is after I dispose of the bodies)

adistav: ah. when are you back?

herenot: 15th of october

adistav: i felt a little funny to tell noa "let me give a lecture in 4 months"
adistav: moshez has less of an excuse...

herenot: doesn't matter.

adistav: actually i think you would not find much new with my own lecture, dax would've enjoyed it more

herenot: work out your wills. you have a month and a half.

adistav: okay :)

herenot: I'm serious.

adistav: okay.

herenot: I'll shop for the knifes today after work. ze germans have great knifes.

[User Picture]From: herenot
2007-10-29 08:47 pm (UTC)

Re: כדאי לך לוותר על הסכינים

wasn't neccesery in the end. lucky form him (and me).
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