herenot (herenot) wrote,

Microsoft buys Gteko (and gets a piece of codefidence?)

[UPDATE 3/10/06] Gilad has a short statement on his blog - he isn't saying much, but he IS saying that Gteko's has a minority equity investment in codefidence - this probably means that the practical implications of the MS-gteko deal regarding Codefidence are (probably) not a big deal.

Yesterday (september 27th) Microsoft announced it was buying a israel startup called Gteko. hmm... Gteko.. I've heard that name before. really. It didn't register at first.

The news article in Ynet gave me the lead: Gteko is the company that invested in Codefidence - the local OSS software consultancy run by Gilad Ben Yosef (GBY) who is a prominent figure in the local OSS community.

In the past (and to this day, I guess) Gteko used Codfidence as a subcontractor of sorts. they probably wanted to solidify thier buisness relations - so they invested some capital. Now MS will become an investor in Codfidence by association. How bizarre. I wonder what GBY's take on this is. It probably doesn't mean anything in the short term, But this is interesting (in a sort of man-bites-dog-way).

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