herenot (herenot) wrote,

Apple dropped the other shoe.

SDK announced. If you're a programmer and you are reading this. well.. I advise you to download the thing and play with it.

they announced a lot of buisness oriented features that are boring (exchange support, push mail, blah).

they demoed games working on the thing (including a mobile version of spore and some sega stuff).

But there were to things that really amased me. both happened at the Q&A session:

amazing moment number 1:

Q: What will happen if someone does a VOIP app?
A: We will only stop VOIP over cell networks, but not WiFi.

well people, it looks like Ebay might not have been stupid buying skype, after all. they could make a killing if they port it to iphone. question is... well... are they?

if they do - there might not be any reason to unlock the sim in the iphone in the first place, just use it as a skype phone where you have wifi. which, by the time this goes on-line - is likely to be anywhere. welcome to the 21st century.

amazing moment number 2:

there always has to be a village idiot, in this case it's Ryan Block from engadget:

Q: Will SIM unlock software be considered software not allowed in the app store?
A: (pause) "... yes.".

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