Ok, so we watched a few chapters of this series (8 chapters of season 1). Basicly, it's pretty good. the thing is that the first few chapters get you riveted but after a while it gets somewhat repetative.

the structure of each chapter is very similar, and the plot isn't really moving at the pace I would hope. we are watching 3 or 4 episodes at one sitting - which is probably a good reason to why I'm slightly overdosing on heroes at the moment.

a typical episode:

previously on heroes -> some atmosphere shots of a setting and annoying narration on top -> various stories -> Hiro Nakamora comic relief -> some scary stuff with Syler -> more stories -> more annoying narrations -> cliff hanger -> to be continued.

rinse repeat.

I like the comic book references and influences on the series ethos and feel, a lot of Xmen influences, obviously. I even dare to say.. some Buffy influences (the cheerleader-girl next door turned superhero) and some geek shik (Nakamura, which is, obviously, my favorite character).

but, basely, it's a soap opera. I hope it becomes less rigid in structure, or just more interesting as it moves along.

stuff from zoreria

Ok, so we're in .de now. we have begun a blog that chronicals our impression of the place and stuff that happens. you might want to check it out. feel free to tell people about this, if you like.

internet access is kina sporadic here, but we'll post when we can.

H & D.

mission impossible II

Your mission, should you choose to except it..

so.. I have this thing on friday, and I'll be demoing the bunny. so, I need to rework the bunny and make a better looking version. this is during the time I'm working on icecube, which is a rather complex project in itself.


I'll just build a new one. from start to finish, including high-quality finishing, within less then a week.


sunday - find a keyboard, work on icecube.

monday - hack keyboard, define design. some more work on icecube.

tusday - build it. send icecube files to the 3d printer.

wednesday - fit and finish. write some code for icecube.

thursday - rehearse

friday - perform.

saturday - rest (and write code for icecube).


easy. sleep is for the weak.

[update, friday morning] that plan above looks funny.. I did manage to get a new bunny to work, and I didn't sleep much (four hours tonight, thats relativly a lot for this week, yesturday I forgot to eat - the normal pre-presentation shinanegins)

the object looks pretty spiffy, but it's not compleatly done. will be presented later today. yeah.

synths. yum.

First, The most awesome synth. EVER. (click on the link. trust me)


reason 4.0 was anounced. the usual suspects still absent (VSTi support, audio in). the cool stuff: formant filters (Yey! you can make a speech synth), better sequencer. the nice to have stuff: arpeggiator . the WTF stuff: grove mixer? oh well.


And the electronics for icecube is done. All that's left is the software and the Industrial design part. whoohoo!

no multitouch macs for you! come back 5 years!

So I've finally listened to Walt Mossberg's Steve Jobs and Bill Gates joint interview at D5.

 I'm kind of sorry I didn't listen to it prior to the wwdc keynote, 'couse if I did it would be clear that there would be not multitouch announcement for leopard (and the fact that new macbook pros were announced a week before - with no MT screens... would also have been a good hint).

below is what steve says about Multitouch, but it's long and tedious. this is the cliffs notes version:

They will not do anything radical on the mac, we have too many apps, and too many people to educate. We will do the crazy shit on  new devices with less baggage. like the iphone and ipod.

we'll probably have to wait till the version after leopard.

Walt: Bill discusses all his secret plans. You don’t discuss any.

"Steve: I know, it’s not fair. But I think the question is a very simple one, which is how much of the really revolutionary things people are going to do in the next five years are done on the PCs or how much of it is really focused on the post-PC devices. And there’s a real temptation to focus it on the post-PC devices because it’s a clean slate and because they’re more focused devices and because, you know, they don’t have the legacy of these zillions of apps that have to run in zillions of markets.

And so I think there’s going to be tremendous revolution, you know, in the experiences of the post-PC devices. Now, the question is how much to do in the PCs. And I think I’m sure Microsoft is–we’re working on some really cool stuff, but some of it has to be tempered a little bit because you do have, you know, these tens of millions, in our case, or hundreds of millions in Bill’s case, users that are familiar with something that, you know, they don’t want a car with six wheels. They like the car with four wheels. They don’t want to drive with a joystick. They like the steering wheel.
And so, you know, you have to, as Bill was saying, in some cases, you have to augment what exists there and in some cases, you can replace things. But I think the radical rethinking of things is going to happen in a lot of these post-PC devices."

damn PG and his oily hide!

Peter Gabriel is doing a tour in europe.

Peter Gabriel is playing in Germany. Now.

Peter Gabriel's set list from last night  includes 'Big time' and 'humdrum'.

I will be in Germany just as he finishes the tour (in england).


I should state that the show he gave in Israel in 94 was my favorite performance ever (I like it more then the U2, bjork, Mcfarrin, sting, Regina and others that I've seen here over the years). those two songs he DIDn't play then.
I might just catch the show in Denmark, if I'm lucky. But I doubt it.

short stuff and thingies


the meteorological report:

on the 29th I'm going to show some of what I've been working on this year. Bunny II : the Bunny strikes back.

I'm thinking of building a new bunny for the occasion. Bunny III : the revenge of the bunny.

I'll also make another demo film next week. There might be a show sometime next week.

more on that soon.


Icecube is moving slowly, and with that event on the horrizon, I might freeze it next week so I'll be able to prepare.


less then a month to go to the whole Germany thing. nothing is final yet.


the 80/80 Rule. (or, damn! another iphone post)

Today I've heard that the iphone is going to be a dissapointment (by someone who knows his shit - he's developing apps for cellular phones).

I just smiled and waved (ok, forget the waving part).

his rational was that it's:

a) overly expected. Any small hindrence will drag the satisaction of it to the ground.

b) not that much of a breakthrough.

I didn't reply, for various reasons (mostly being that I don't like to reply before I thought was I was going to say through).

After I thought about it for a bit I think he is wrong on both two counts:

the expectation part is true. sorta. it is hyped, people are in a frenzy. if something will not work properly (battery, touch, LCD) people will be pissed. BUT

But the expectation part is also wrong. Actually we know very little about the device. It was unvailed six months ago and no new information has surfaced since. nothing. we know nothing about the apps (apart for the obvious calender, ipod, and such).

for example: nobody mentuned anything about games for it, yet. Trust me - you're going to see games running on it when it comes out - that is if apple checked its competition in the marketplace.

Apple is in a very good position to surprise us further with this device.

The second part I compleatly dissagree with.

True - LCD multitouch, maps, calenders, ipods, and that jazz - Everything has been displayed before - there is nothing new here.

So what..

what counts is integration and user interaction. and that is the differentiating factor. If I had a dollar for everytime I heard a hotshot programmer say that "ICQ was nothing new (and they were lucky..)" I'd probably have had a nice meal at a macdonalds somewhere. but I digress..

where was I? ah.. yes.. User interaction. 80% people will be able to use 80% of the functions of this phone easly. NOT 80/20 or 20/80 or whatever the heck that "rule" is. People are going to go and get iphones.

The same thing HAPPENED before. that product dosn't have any perticular tecnological advantage (apart of user interaction and integration). sounds familler?


80% of the market.
80% of the people using
80% of the features.

thats the ipod.